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An eight-night mountain-bike camping trip in Henry Coe State Park, August 26-September 3, 2007, starting from, and ending at, home in downtown San José. I enter and exit the park via Park Headquarters at the end of Dunne Avenue outside Morgan Hill. The loop route within Henry Coe State Park from Park Headquarters has stops at Mississippi Lake, Jackrabbit Lake, Pacheco Camp and China Hole.

It will turn out that I don't see anybody for five days in the middle of the trip.

Quite unintentionally, this trip has a theme song: Testament by VNV Nation, from a recently purchased CD that I played often during the weeks before the trip. Its chorus line and catchy tune, cycling over and over in my head during the trip, somehow seemed fitting:

We conquer paradise just to burn it to the ground
We build a future to honour pasts we've left behind
We bring destruction, we bring war without an end
And then we hope that tomorrow never comes